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Off-Grid Energy - Including Wentworth, Ouyen, Robinvale

If you need electricity or battery services in Mildura services such as Wentworth, Red Cliffs and Ouyen, don't rely any longer on the costly and cumbersome process of generators for your energy needs, contact Rod Cetinich Electrical today to discuss better more sustainable and cheaper options.

If you want to improve the safety and operation of your property, infrastructure or acreage in Mildura, Rod Cetinich Electrical can help you with their Solar Power and battery energy services for an off-grid solution.

Whether you need energy generation for battery storage, refrigeration & Cool Room, power outlets, Lead Lighting, lighting or irrigation capabilities Rod Cetinich Electrical has a cheaper, greener and self-sustainable solution for you.

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Climate control is an electricity expensive process, making it potentially quite expensive for utilization on remote properties and during events such as festivals, parties and outdoor work. Similarly Irrigation services can require large amounts of energy demanding an investment that may not pay dividends for month.

Rod Cetinich Electrical can both create better more sustainable solutions to these problems but at a cheaper price through off-grid solar energy generation and top of the line energy battery services meaning both peak demand and off peak periods can be utilized to their maximum capacity and ensure you won't ever be left out in the dark, or in this instance, in the heat.

If you're in Nichols Point, Ouyen, Robinvale, Red Cliffs or other Mildura suburbs, contact Rod Cetinich Electrical, even if just to discuss the possibility of a cheaper and better procedure for your next project.

The full list of services offered by Rod Cetinich Electrical is listed below;

  • Solar Power Services
  • Refrigeration Services
  • Air Conditioning Services
  • Electrical Services
  • General Electrical Services
  • Solar Off-Grid Services
  • Irrigation Electrical Services
  • Lead Lighting & Lighting Upgrades
  • Cool Room Electrical Services
  • Battery Services
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